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Welcome to the INSPIRE store where we offer quality woodshop products and INSPIRE logo polos.

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Woodshop Products



We offer a variety of wood stakes for construction or home use.


Refer to the chart on the right for the size you need and to determine how many bundles you would like.


Contact us for pricing! 

Picnic Bench $225


This is a 2x6 pressure treated Pine picnic table, cut and assembled right here in our woodshop!

Delivery is FREE within a 10 mi. distance of Inspire. Deliveries outside of this zone will be subject to delivery fees.


Call us at 407-699-4419 to make a purchase! 

Group Home Picnic Table 1.jpg

Custom Adirondack Chair


Unfinished - $99

Stained or painted finish - $120

With decal add - $70

Cut, assembled and stained or painted by our woodshop.  

River Life Chairs.jpg

Custom Jenga Game

Jenga without base, stained - $49

Jenga with base, stained - $70
Convenient bag - Price Varies


Custom Cornhole Boards


Travel Size (painted or stained) $65

Regulation Size (painted or stained) $135

With Specialty Decal add $40-$60 varies

Added Lights $25

Add Bean Bags $30

Fire Kindling

6 Pack- $3.50

9 Pack- $4.99

Custom Cutting Board $20

Any design, Any style! 




We are now offering Men's and Women's Polos for sale!  Click on the style you like and choose the size and color code you wish to purchase.  Finalize your purchase using this PayPal button for quick checkout.  

womens nike_edited.png

Women's Nike Dri-Fit Polo 


core womens_edited_edited.png

Women's Core 365 Polo


mens nike_edited_edited.png

Men's Nike Dri-Fit


mens core 365_edited.png

Men's Core 365



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