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Kitting and Fulfillment Program

Our Contract Kitting and Fulfillment Specialists grow and thrive in a real assembly-line work environment at our production adult day program. Not only do our Specialists benefit from a safe work facility, but our business customers also benefit from our high-quality services and competitive pricing.


We specialize in projects that require accuracy, repetition and attention to detail. Our commitment is to provide high-quality work that is delivered affordably and on time. The fact that your work request helps serve the special needs community of Central Florida is a bonus.


Kitting and Fulfillment Details:

  • Direct mailings

  • Product/package inserts

  • Packaging

  • Custom furniture refinishing

  • Sign assembly

  • Custom wood shop services (Survey Stakes, Adirondack Chairs, Picnic Benches, Corn Hole Games and Puzzle Games)


These are just a sample of Inspire’s Services, but our capabilities are much broader. Please contact us directly to discuss the possibility of us serving your business.

Do you know a special needs adult who would benefit from working or learning in the Inspire Kitting and Fulfillment Program? 

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