Assisting uniquely abled adults to live, work and succeed in the community

At Inspire, our Contract Fulfillment Specialist’s grow and thrive in a real assembly-line work environment. Not only do our Specialists benefit from a safe work facility, our business customers benefit from our high-quality services and competitive pricing.


We specialize in projects that require accuracy, repetition and attention to detail. Our commitment is to provide high-quality work that is delivered affordably and on time. The fact that your work request helps serve the special needs community of Central Florida is a bonus.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct mailings

  • Product/package inserts

  • Packaging

  • Custom furniture refinishing

  • Sign assembly

  • Custom wood shop services (Survey Stakes, Adirondack Chairs, Picnic Benches, Corn Hole Games and Puzzle Games)

These are just a sample of Inspire’s Services, but our capabilities are much broader. Please contact us directly to discuss the possibility of us serving your business.


Inspire is proud to state we have a fully-functioning woodshop.  High-functioning Woodshop Specialists spend their day crafting a variety of materials for local businesses, contractors and the general public in the form of wooden survey stakes, metal rebar, adirondack chairs, custom picnic tables and concrete monuments. We also provide custom services, such as the services provided to a few county parks building the pavilion signs and any other items requested.  A long-term relationship with our local Tijuana Flats has led to us refinishing all the chairs in their restaurants.  

VIEW WOODSHOP PRODUCTS and Contact our Woodshop Manager at to request a product quote.

Operation G.R.O.W.


Operation G.R.O.W. is a volunteer internship program based in both classroom instruction and real-world work experience. We partner with local businesses to host our Adult team members and to provide an environment where our interns can sharpen their career skills and improve their employability, with the help of an Inspire G.R.O.W. Coordinator. The program was created to be the bridge between high functioning special needs adults and compatible careers with local businesses. We strive to inspire our team members to achieve their full potential in life and career.

Life Skills

At INSPIRE we offer our specialists classes to help develop the skills needed to live, work and function in the community, as independently as possible.


We INSPIRE adults with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential by enhancing their lives with:

  • Problem solving skills

  • Money management skills

  • Communication skills

  • Safety skills

  • Social skills

  • Employment opportunities

  • Vocational training

  • and much more!

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